Lenker til aktuelle nyheter vedrørende Israel
Utvid din horisont og sett deg inn i de bakenforliggende nyheter som skaper en dypere forståelse for hva som skjer i Israel og Midtøsten.
July 24, 2012 IDF: Syrian chemical threat targets Israel
July 24, 2012 Rebels: Assad moved chemical weapons to border
July 4, 2012 Ex-High Court Judge: Israel not 'Occupier' Under Int'l Law
July 2, 2012 Israel sought to borrow $100 million from IMF to prevent collapse of Palestinian Authority
June 20, 2012 Hackers Crash IDF and Government Websites
June 20, 2012 Report: U.S., Israel Developed Flame Together
June 05, 2012 ‘Only 30,000 legitimate Palestinian refugees’
Mai 29, 2012 Lithuania tracks Holocaust war crime suspects
Mai 29, 2012 'Flame virus aims to gather intelligence'
April 26, 2012 Israel celebrates 64 years of independence
April 26, 2012 Peres hosts Independence Day celebrations at official residence
April 2, 2012 Hamas Interior Minister Slams Egypt over Fuel Shortage in Gaza Strip
April 6, 2012 The new Palestinian tragedy
April 3, 2012 The truth about Islam
Feb 27, 2012 IDF Sinai Patrol Foils Second Mass Casualty Terror Plot
March 20, 2012 Norway: The Most Anti-Semitic Country in the West
March 18, 2012 Ehud Barak to sign deal for delivery of sixth German-made submarine
March 19, 2012 Intel Israel to recruit 600 workers in 2012
March 18, 2012 Iran threatens Hormuz and world oil supply after trade links cutoff
March 18, 2012 US freezes $7.5M of Hezbollah, Hamas accounts
March 13, 2012 Gantz on escalation: It's not over until it's over
March 13, 2012 Some 200 rockets hit Israel since start of latest Gaza escalation
March 6, 2012 Panetta: US will act against Iran if it has to

March 1, 2012

Pentagon prepares “aerial refueling” for Israeli planes striking Iran

Febr 09, 2012

'Israel to have water surplus within decade'

Febr 5, 2012

Natgas traces found in Tanin 1 well

Febr 04, 2012

Israeli 'Big Brother' Sued Over Insult to Bible

Jan 30, 2012

Israel tops cyber-readiness poll but China lags behind

Jan 29, 2012

Underwater Electricity Cable to Reach Cyprus

Jan 29, 2012

US foresees May as tentative date for clash with Iran.

Jan 25, 2012

Israel seeks to turn gas to gold

Nov 17, 2011

How Cyber Warfare Can Stop Iran

Nov 16, 2011

Israel's Secret Iran Attack Plan: Electronic Warfare



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